Animating Imaginations: Using Digital Technology to Inspire Story-Tellin‚Äčg in Second Language Classrooms
*Combined Gr7 French/Technology project. Students designed their own french stories and comic characters. They scanned their drawings and animated them using Scratch.

Nanaimoites are Global Citizens Project
*Combined Gr6 Social Studies/Technology project. Students researched a topic and created a webpage resource on their topic. The information in these webpages resources are then used for the creation of a Photostory highlighting the ways different people and organisations are making a difference in the community.

Spaghetti Bridge Project
*Gr7 Technology Project. Students design and model spaghetti bridges using West Point Bridge Design. They then build and test their bridges.

Gr7 Math Class
*This is the Thinkquest Project Page I created to support my Grade 7 Math Students for part of last year. They could download the weekly lesson plans from here and revisit the websites and ppt presentations that I used in class. I also used the online Mathletics program to differentiate learning.